Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine utilizes over 350 plants and minerals to get to the root of imbalance and restore health and vitality. Many of the commonly used herbs in the pharmacopoeia are recognizable to people in the west. They include ginger, goji berries, dates, ginseng, mint, roses, cinnamon, peony root, dried orange peel, licorice and astragalus.

Kailey Brennan, Chinese Herbs

​Single herbs with different properties are combined into formulas specifically tailored to the unique condition and constitution of each patient. Herbs can be taken as teas made from raw, powdered or granular herbs, or as pills. Herbs are also used in topical preparations such as liniments and plasters.

chinese herbal medicine

Herbs + Acupuncture

Herbs are often prescribed for disorders that need daily attention. Many conditions that respond positively to acupuncture see greater overall improvement when herbal medicine is included in the treatment regimen. Even though herbs are natural substances that can be safely consumed on a daily basis, they can be unsafe if used inappropriately.