Kailey Brennan
MS.TCM L.Ac. Dipl. OM

Kailey Brennan graduated from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2015. She is licensed in the state of Colorado to practice acupuncture (CO ACU #2221), and is a registered diplomate with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Kailey Brennan

Kailey’s practice involves the use of:

  • osteopathic assessment methods
  • acupuncture
  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • tui na (Chinese medical massage)
  • cranial work
  • lifestyle guidance
  • dietary recommendations

While in graduate school, Kailey interned with Dr. Daisy Dong O.M.D., a Beijing-trained physician in practice since 1985. She also completed over 500 hours in close mentorship and study of 5 Element Acupuncture with Judi Terrill L.Ac. Kailey has engaged in extensive post-graduate education in Chinese herbal medicine, completing the Graduate Mentorship Program with White Pine Institute. Additionally, Kailey continues to study craniosacral therapy with the Upledger Institute, biodynamic approaches to the practice of cranial work, and the integration of functional medicine approaches with East Asian medicine.

Outside of her clinical practice, Kailey is on the faculty of the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver, Colorado where she provides teaching instruction on the use of herbal medicine for women’s health conditions and fertility challenges in the Professional Doctorate Program.

Since 2016 Kailey has been a student of Engaging Vitality, a synthesis of assessment methods and treatment approaches brought together from the Western osteopathic and East Asian medicine traditions. Through Engaging Vitality, Kailey provides teaching assistance as a continuing education course for licensed practitioners and students looking to incorporate osteopathic assessment methods as well as cranial and visceral approaches into their practice of East Asian medicine.

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A Calming and Supportive Practitioner

“I love the time that Kailey takes to hear about what is going on in my life, and uses a tailored approach to treat me every time I see her. Her presence is calming and caring, and I always leave feeling so much better than when I came in, no matter what was going on. She takes her time and sees to every detail regarding my treatment. She even sends me articles about things that I bring up when I talk to her. I love the combination of attention to detail and education that she brings to my acupuncture treatments.”

– Kristen J.