Compassionate, patient, and knowledgeable are just a few of the ways that Kailey’s patients describe her care.

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“Kailey is kind and knowledgeable about acupuncture, specifically fertility acupuncture. Her approach is individualized and she tailors the needs to the patient at each appointment rather than following a protocol that is predetermined. She assesses her patients at each appointment in a unique way that allows her to provide a treatment that you need that day. Kailey is knowledgeable about natural conception and assisted reproductive technology (IVF and medicated cycles) and the medications that are used during stim and the transfer process. She can help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy and have a healthy baby once a pregnancy is achieved. I recommend her over any other acupuncturist I’ve seen previously.”

– Alex L.

acupuncture for injury


“I had a neck and shoulder injury that caused extreme pain for over a year. After my treatments with Kailey, I am completely pain free! Kailey is very knowledgeable and was able to use several different techniques during my treatment. She is always gentle and extremely kind! I sleep better, I have more flexibility and happy to be pain free! Anyone can benefit from acupuncture. It’s not just for pain. Kailey will know exactly what to do! I am forever grateful for the treatments I have received from Kailey. I was unable to play my cello for over a year and now I have the ability to get back to playing.”

– Brooke C.

lower extremities

Oncology Support

“I sought out acupuncture to treat peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. As a result of working with Kailey, I have experienced relief for my symptoms of tingling, numbness, and pain in my feet and finger tips. Kailey is one of the kindest, most gentle souls that I know. I trust her implicitly. She is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable and has offered additional supportive ideas such as nutritional do’s and don’t’s. Kailey’s services and treatment have moved me from feeling miserable to a good quality.”

– Karen F.

Arm Pain

Extreme Pain

“I was experiencing extreme pain in my elbows and forearms. As a result of working with Kailey, I felt my body realigning and communicating uniquely through my nerves. I felt the tightness and pressure decrease in each session. I am no longer in pain. Kailey is well educated. She does a great job explaining what she is doing in terms that make sense to me. I would absolutely recommend Kailey because I have experienced noticeable and positive outcomes each and every time, as well as relaxation, an opportunity to regain focus, and to heal. I highly recommend Kailey, especially if you have never tried acupuncture or any of her other extraordinary services.”

– Rob. C.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

“My chiropractor and MT recommended I try acupuncture for years. Chronic neck trouble and stressed muscles left me sore again a week after treatments. So, I met Kailey and felt comfortable trying treatment. Since then, this has been the final leg of my health and wellness triangle. I can’t express how much I DO NOT want to go to the doctors. Acupuncture and MT and chiro seem to be doing the trick! As a result of working with Kailey, my neck tension eased and also solved a lingering problem with tight jaw/facial muscles my MT couldn’t seem to fix. Kailey listens and doesn’t just stick the needles in me. I’ve never felt better, my only complaint is that my schedule does not allow for me to get more frequent treatments!!! Or I would.”

– Matthew C.

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Calming and Supportive

“I love the time that Kailey takes to hear about what is going on in my life, and uses a tailored approach to treat me every time I see her. Her presence is calming and caring, and I always leave feeling so much better than when I came in, no matter what was going on. She takes her time and sees to every detail regarding my treatment. She even sends me articles about things that I bring up when I talk to her. I love the combination of attention to detail and education that she brings to my acupuncture treatments.”

– Kristen J.

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Compassionate and Individually Tailored Care

“Kailey embodies the qualities that I believe an acupuncturist needs in order to treat each patient with the highest quality care. Kailey is knowledgeable, perceptive, and extremely compassionate. She’s clearly dedicated to understanding her patients as individuals and to effectively addressing their needs or issues. I’m continually impressed by her capacity for observation and recognizing subtleties, her patience with the treatment process, and her healing powers generally! I would recommend her to absolutely anyone who is seeking acupuncture treatment because my experience with her has always been positive, insightful, and helpful in a multitude of ways. ”

– Kimberly B.

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Genuine Interest and Compassion

“Kailey provided me with a solid knowledge of what was happening for me in terms of an Eastern perspective as well as empathy for my specific situation. She has compassion, patience and expertise that made me feel comfortable and safe. She provided extensive follow-up as well as a genuine interest in my care. Very grateful for our work together.”

– Joe E.