Your First Appointment

Below you will find a list of how to prepare for your for appointment, what to expect during, and what to expect after.

Kailey Brennan Integrative Acupuncture Treatment room
  • Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that can be easily rolled up to your elbows and knees – which is to say, please do not wear spandex.
  • Please do not wear any heavily-scented perfumes, lotions, essential oils, or colognes to your treatment.
  • Make sure to come to your appointment having consumed a light meal or a snack an hour or two before your appointment time.
  • At your first appointment (and any subsequent appointments), I will perform a quick hands-on exam before we sit down to discuss your reasons for coming in and how you are doing in general. This exam should be very comfortable and relaxing – you might even doze off while it’s being performed, which is perfectly fine.
  • After your appointment, you most likely will feel quite relaxed, but it isn’t a problem to do a light to moderate walk, yoga class, bike ride, or any other kind of physical activity later in the day (unless you are coming in for a musculoskeletal complaint, in which case the instructions may differ).